Pullet Eggs

In recent months, a handful of London chefs have campaigned in favour of this tiny egg, and caused a huge stir. But what are pullet eggs and why are they so important?

A pullet is a hen that has not yet completed her first birthday. So a pullet egg is simply the first eggs a hen will lay.


A hen will start laying eggs at around the 16th week of her life, and while they are getting the hang of it, their eggs tend to be tiny in comparison to your average supermarket egg.

The issue is these eggs to not make the supermarket size grade. Which means they will end up being discarded - in the UK alone, almost 1.5million pullet eggs are thrown away each year. They can make up to 10% of a farmers stock, and cause losses around £60,000 a year.

These little eggs, however, pack a punch. They are incredibly rich, with huge yolks. Arguably, no other egg a hen will lay in her life will be the same as her first little pullet, as it is ripe with her entire lifetime of nutrients! 

So not only are we discarding valuable, nutritious food, but disregarding a prime product that we should, in fact, be celebrating. At Samambaia Project, whether for dishes, pastries or staff meals,  we only use pullet eggs! We're huge fans of these tiny eggs.