Why we no longer eat avocados

Millenials may yet start to riot. Avocados, an all round favourite of our generation, is a purchase that should weigh heavily on your conscience. Apart from the obvious carbon footprint of transporting them from the southern hemisphere, avocados are particularly thirsty crops that are not easy to grow organically. The spike in global demand for avocados has seen an increase in deforestation in Mexico of 2.5% a year, as well as an increase in illnesses generated by pesticide chemicals.

To make matters worse, Mexican drug cartels have seized large amounts of farms and are reportedly earning £150m a year by selling avocados to British traders. Mexico's Drug Cartels and their ongoing war, famous for brutal torture, disappearences and murders, have claimed the lives 200,000 people since 2006. Every time you buy a 'blood avocado' you are helping finance a war. We never featured avos on our menus, but because it’s so hard to trace the origin of these beauties, we’ve cut them from our lives all together.